Best Fax Machines for Small Enterprise – 2017 Review

The fact that different varieties of fax machines come with different qualities makes it a little difficult for small businesses to select the right fax machine. If you are to get this right, buying from a reputable dealer is not an option, it’s a must do. This is your sure way to accessing products whose quality is above board at pocket-friendly prices. Some might say that fax machines are a thing of the past due to the growing use of printers but they cannot deny it is still a very vital machine in the office when it comes to sending and receiving faxes. However, it might turn out to be an hectic exercise in finding out the best machine. In regards to that, this best fax machines for small enterprise guide can be of great help prior to making a purchases decision.

Technological advancement has taken the functions of a fax machine to a whole new level. Now they can copy, print and also scan. Whatever choice of fax machine you make; it should have ease of operation and guarantee you convenience. Anyone in the know will tell you that when you are talking small businesses, fax machines are a lot more convenient than printers. That  Fax machines offer  reliable performance , makes paper handling easy and ensures good quality of print makes it a must have in the office for small businesses.

Considerable factors when buying a fax machine.

When shopping for a good fax machine, you want to check if it has many slots for single-touch speed dial numbers- this is a feature that characterizes most of the best fax machines in the market now. Can it send and receive faxes to various locations? If yes then stay put and check its memory. It should be large enough to accommodate hundreds of pages of faxes before you can print them. Look out for additional features such as calling and answering machines. At this point you want to confirm if caller ID is on your checklist. Now you are now ready for the next thing. If you are a light fax machine user you want to go for one that uses thermal transfer technology as opposed to laser technology. Let’s get to the details.

Type of fax machines

Top fax machines can either be stand-alone machines or multipurpose machines. The model you chose must be determined by the output and input you desire. The features of a stand-alone machines limit it to just faxing but it performs its intended purpose just the way you want it and delivers speed. Multipurpose fax machines on the other hand give you the freedom to carry out a variety of functions at a go from faxing to printing, copying and scanning. Its major shortcoming is compromised speed.

Fax features

Obviously, sending and receiving fax documents is the basic thing a fax machine does, but you want to go for an advance model that offers more than just this. You want a machine that recognizes the sender of the mail so it ought to have caller ID. Reliable and fast sharing of information is key today: to this end automatic redial and fax forwarding are features you cannot do without.
Speed of the machine

It is said that nothing can be as annoying as slow internet, you may agree, just like you will if you ever use a slow fax machine. Time is of great essence so the speed of the fax machine you buy must be reliable. This explains why speed becomes a major determinant of price.


There are two aspects of this: the initial cost and running cost. As already captured earlier, speed is a key determining factor of price. The model, quality and manufacturing company are also factors that come into play in setting the price. Maintenance and the cost of consumables such as ink are also areas you want to look into. Ensure the total cost is affordable so you avoid budgetary constraints and hitches at work.

Printing output and memory storage

Look out for the clarity and quality of the output print-out. This is vital. Also be wary of fax machines of low memory capacity, the number of pages it can hold while awaiting printing has got to march your work demand. A power failure is no longer a problem if your fax machine can hold up to 500 pages. You can simply retrieve your documents.
Having walked you through all these factors now you are ready to shop for the fax machine of your choice. Remember to select one that takes care of all your office needs and don’t forget to stick to your budget. To make that choice even easier, we have sampled for you the top ten best fax machines for small business in 2017.

The top 10 fax machines for 2017 are as follows:

10. Brother IntelliFax-2840 fax machine

Its design is unique, installation and operation is direct and easy. It is able to send and receive fax messages very fast because it is monochrome laser machine. With extra functions such as copying and printing, this machine eliminates the need for another additional printer. The 2.5 seconds per page transmission speed guarantees you efficiency, not to mention its 250 sheet paper tray which is just what you need.


  • The paper tray is located at the bottom and setting it up is very easy.
  • The machine feeds faxing papers fast.


  • Clarity of received faxes may be compromised by the brightness of the display panel.

9. Panasonic Plain Paper Fax and copier Fax Machines

Are you a small business owner working with limited floor space or are you working from home? Away with the fax machines that use up all your space! This fax machine makes that a thing of the past given its small size. It handles just as much load of fax work as the larger machines (can create up to twenty multiple copies). This makes it ideal for startups and small businesses.


  • Compact design hence easy to carry and use.
  • It can last for decades due to the durability of the materials it’s made from.


  • Over time the quality of output documents may be reduced.

8. HP CB782A#ABA 640 Inkjet Fax Machine

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant appearance for your office, look no further. This machine has a modern design that enhances the look of your office and still delivers excellently in its output. With a faxing speed of up to 6 seconds per page and a copying speed up to 4 pages per minute, you can expect your documents to come fast and furious.  In just six seconds you can have your page printed thanks to the inkjet technology. With a resolution of 400 by 200 dpi what more could you ask for? With this machine you can store up to 50 pages and program 100 speed dials.


  • Has high output speed- 4 pages per minute
  • Available at pocket friendly prices.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • It lacks the setting for volume adjustment.

7. Brother Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Fax Machines

This brings you a 4 in one  printer that can assist you to complete all those many tasks you need to carry out at once. It promises ease of operation due to its compact size. What’s more? You don’t have to worry about noise any more: this machine works quietly. Copying, printing, faxing and scanning are made easy for you.


  • Its installation and operation is easy.
  • Its document feeder is automatic hence fast.


  • The storage memory can hold up to a hundred pages only

6. Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Fax Machines

In this day and age of internet, you want to have a machine that connects to the web. Epson WF-2540 delivers just that. With its ability to connect to Ethernet or hotspot you can print your documents directly from your smartphone, ipads or tablets. It utilizes laser technology which ensures your desired output quality and its speed is fast guaranteeing you completion of all your tasks fast and efficiently. Its two and a half inch control panel comes in handy when you are navigating your options. All these features are combined in a machine with an elegant and compact design.


  • You can connect to Ethernet, Wi-fi and USB.
  • Gives good quality of output


5. HP Professional Quality Plain-Paper Fax Machines

To say the very least, this machine is all about efficiency. With 100 speed dials and up to 20 1-touch dials communication does not get faster. With a 200 page memory, your storage issues are sorted and guess what? It just uses HP 701 series in cartridges and is easy to use and simple to understand. If you are looking to save your desktop space you are definitely shopping for this machine.


  • Uses minimal office space given its convenient size.
  • Quality output is a guarantee.


  • The alarm that alerts on receiving new faxes is rather low in volume.

4. Canon Lasers Image Class MF4770n Fax Machines

Here you get the best laser output in a machine that works with reliable speed. By simply pressing one button you can fax, copy, print and scan your documents even from Ethernet. It also saves you energy and is environmentally friendly since it consumes only about 1.3 watts of energy. It delivers up to 24 pages per minute when printing or copying. With Apple print you can print your documents directly from your iphone, ipad, tablet of from your smartphone once you install Mopria print.


  • Connectivity to Ethernet enables the machine to share files with other machines.
  • With a speed of 24 pages per minute it faxes prints and copies documents very fast.


  • It’s difficult to multitask while using it since it’s a stand-alone machine.

3. Brother IntelliFax-4100e Fax Machines

It offers a great deal of convenience to small business owners. You can still obtain very clear copies of documents with its laser technology. With this machine paper jams are a thing of the past and errors are almost impossible. Talking of speed, 3 second per page is more than fast.  Its initial cost could be a little expensive but it saves you money because its cost per page is low.


  • Operational cost is low
  • Clarity of faxes produced is incredible.


  • It works with selected operating systems e.g. it’s not compatible with Windows Vista 64bit.

2. HP M476dw Wireless Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Possessing features such as in-built scanner, fax and scanner, it undoubtedly makes it to the top of the list of the strongest fax machines ever made by HP. it’s a high excellence machine that gives quality products. It has wireless connection features so you can create that connection without the inconvenience of wires. Productivity is highly improved with its advanced laser technology.


  • Ensures quality color printing especially when it comes to graphics.
  • Has enhanced security options that allow you to set personalized passwords.


  • It’s a little expensive as compared to its operating speed.

1. Oki Data MC362w MFP Fax Machine

This is your model of choice if you are looking for a super-fast machine (up to 25 pages per minute). It does not just ensure your documents are printed; it delivers them to you in HD color output.
What happens to old drum and toners? You can now recycle them. File conversion is part of the package with both duplex and simplex printing, scanning copying and faxing.


  • Offers versatility with options of both colored and black and white
  • With file conversion it can create electronic files from hard copy files.


  • Long text might be hard to read hence its perfect for picture printing.

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