Best Air Hockey Tables In 2019 Reviews

We all love hockey and I think once in a while have even said that we are better players than those playing. How some of us came to that conclusion is no longer a mystery to me because I have known why that talk is always in the air. It is not a must that you become a professional player so that you die a proof playing hockey, no way. There is big news for every one of you that wants to be a hockey pro.

You can use an air hockey table and all the praise and glory of a real player will be waiting for you. What you only need to learn is the rules of playing hockey and much of the time you will be playing in the field like the others who play real hockey do. But those time round, you will be using the table to outdo your fierce opponents. Here are the best air hockey tables for you.

1. Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1 Game Table

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This is a three in one table that has been designed perfectly to enable you to have that space saving ability to play three different games in one. You can play table tennis, billiards, and even air hockey very comfortably. When you want to play billiards, the surface is made of ¾” MDF and topped with a blue polyester cloth. The table has also drop pockets and fitted with the best rubber cushions.

When you go to the table tennis section, you will realize that the section is made with ½” MDF which will also include the best colorful laminate graphics. The air hockey is also made with a surface that will also make to look so closely resembling an ice hockey rink. It also comes with accessories that you will need to use while you are playing.

2. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table

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Young kids also need to learn on how they will play hockey at a younger age and that is why this table has been designed specifically for their use. It has been made with a sturdy MDF hardwood frame that is able to sit on well on the structure o that you have the comfort and confidence when you are playing. It has also been made with a 100cfm motor that is air powered to enable you to have the best time as you play. The ABS pucker that has been placed in the field is one that is unique and will also allow you to have a quick return of the push puck so that you get the best playing time. When you by it, it comes with two strikers and two pucks.

3. Redline Acclaim 4.5′ Hockey Table

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This is a table that has been laminated by PVC so that it give you that smooth ground that you need to play on. There is a slide that is perfectly placed for scoring purposes and that is why it is the best for use when you are having competitive games at your disposal. That motor that is used is able to use up to 110 V and with a switch that is best. There is an external puck catcher that is best placed for your use anytime that you need it on your side. For those that want a fast game, then you need to have this playfield with you and it will give you the excitement that you need.

4. Carmelli Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table

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This is a system that has been built with an automatic puck return system with two goal boxes fixed in it. What happens is that you will get your game underway in the best way possible so that you are controlled through the scoring process by the system itself. Thanks to the scoring technology that is also automatically made into the system. It is powered by 2AAA batteries and will run you through the game pretty well. So when you have this table coming, ensure that you have the batteries with you and your game will kick off as soon as you get the table. It is made with the best MDF material and finished off with a laminate coating.

5. Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table

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This is a hockey table that has been made from a cherry wood grain that is strong when it comes to resisting damage. The surface that is fitted is also of high gloss quality and will ensure that no scratches are found on the field at any one time when you are out playing. This time round, the MDF construction has been designed with pedestal legs so that you have the increased stability that you have been missing all the time. There is also an air fan motor that is propelled by an 110 V energy so that you get your play done in a quick manner. Buy this product and let your family have hours of fun for a longer time.

Be a professional player from nowhere and people will always be out to love how you play hockey. The air hockey table that we have brought you here are a sample of the best tables because they can also be used to play two other more games apart from air hockey. That will mean that you will have saved a lot in your quest to play the game. What are you waiting, I need your order so that we can be able to start planning on how you will get the table at your place.

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